I am a 30 something hen owner from Perth, Western Australia.  I have been keeping hens all of my life and now smother...or rather mother, a group of up to a dozen feathered girls.  

Yes - they all have names.  Yes - they all have individuals characters.  Yes - I keep them as pets, not for eggs.  And yes - I do have a life, my hens are a very important part of it and I regard them as part of my family.  I think pets become family for anybody who is sound of mind and warm of heart.  

I love to talk about my hens and this Blog is another outlet to deal with the endless thoughts and love I have for them.  

I believe in getting specialised medical care for my ladies when they are unwell and I hope that I can encourage others to do the same.  

Pictured (from left) - Selene, Mya and Skyla.