Saturday 20 October 2012

Chicks in the city

Why chickens?

I don't have a farm, I have a city block. Less than 500 square metres in suburban, coastal Perth, Western Australia - and I share it with 9 beautiful hens.  

To say I love my hens falls so far short of the reality.  I live my days fascinated by them, delighted in them and utterly besotted with them.  

What's missing in my obsession is a place to share my experiences.  To talk about their lives, health, care and adventures - and to share my philosophy; that chickens can be kept purely as pets and deserve all of the attention, care, vet visits and heart space that well kept dogs and cats enjoy.   

I want to share;
  • Hen profiles and life stories - unauthorised biographies of amazing ladies
  • My chicken wish list - the 10 hens I want to own before I get too damn old
  • Crazy in love - the odd things I've done to make my girls happy
  • Hen nursing - from sleepless nights to late night flights
  • Food and nutrition - including chocolate cake
  • Housing  - sweet digs for sweet chicks
  • Handling - how to pick up chicks and
  • So much, much more!  

Pictured: Mya, 2006


  1. I can't wait to read all this stuff - I don't know which of the list I want to read more! Though I can imagine the crazy in love stories could be rather funny!

    1. Thanks Amanda. My first comment so far. Stay tuned for the story of the $100 hen we definitely were not going to buy, the commemorative wedding chickens, the chicken wedding cake, the chicken that stole a recliner armchair, chicken sleep overs - you get the picture. We're clucking mad for our girls!

  2. What a great idea and interesting to read the joys and heartache of having pets. From personal knowledge chickens are so much fun and most people have no idea. Fantastic that you are sharing this with the world. I look forward to further stories and the wish list! From a newly turned 50 yo who misses his kids chickens!!