Tuesday 23 April 2013

Escape to the Country - not suitable for chickens

Do NOT allow your chicken to watch 'Escape to the Country'

Enjoying a night in with Wyandotte Bantam hen Rosie, we were watching an English program, allegedly rated PG - 'Escape to the Country'.   It featured a couple who were looking at buying a country property to escape their hectic city life and noted that as owners of two cats, they needed to make sure that their new home was not located near a busy road. 
All going along well until the camera panned over to the two cats and showed them generally frisking about and acting in a cat-like way.  Rosa sprung to attention and began to call at the top of her voice to alert...well, I guess me to the danger in the room.  Try as I might I could not soothe her.  I turned off the program and she stared at the blank screen, seeing the movement of our reflections and continued to fret and yell loudly.  It got so bad that I had to 'evacuate' her back to the sleeping hutch with the other hens.  
I would strongly suggest that the producers of that program preface each episode with the warning that, "This program may contain feline images and may not be suitable for chickens".  
If I were in America we'd be lawyering up for a class action right now.  

Rosa - blue is so her colour.  April 22 2013. 


  1. Interesting as dogs don't seem to see stuff on TV. I have Mudlarks who seem to see things in the windscreen of my parked car and attack them?????


    1. Well it goes without saying (but needs to be said all the same) that hens are in a league of their own. I could guarantee that if our Pekin bantam hen Holly were to be exposed to the same image that she would not even flinch. The hens are all so different. Rosa is very nervous and hyper vigilant and it shows in her attention to detail. Today she was staring up at an airplane and knew perfectly well that it was of no threat. But a bird flies by and she runs for cover, making warning calls to all in the area. There's no question, she's as clever as she is beautiful.