Monday 7 October 2013

Steady Feathers - by LG

Steady Feathers: LG G2

This is just magic and the 2nd clip I have received in as many weeks about the wonderful, steady head of the glorious chicken.

Mean time here is a recent photo of Rosa.  The ILT virus is playing havock with her throat at the moment and she is needing soft food (mashed egg and high protein pellets, soaked in boiled water until cool) to help her eat effectively and with minimal discomfort.  Also she has had her second visit to the Vet today for a Cortisone injection to reduce the swelling.  

And yes Mum, she is on the couch.  And no Mum, she did not leave any mess.  She is a lady after all. 

Rosa - October 2013.   Couch surfing. 

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