Monday 16 December 2013

Treating Stick Fast Fleas in Chickens

How to treat stick fast fleas in chickens

There is a community farm in the inner city and their chickens were covered in stick fast fleas.  I was pretty upset to see their faces dotted in black spots, fleas crowded into the groove immediately above their eyes.  I've been bitten by the odd stick fast flea when treating infested chickens in the past.  It hurts when they bite but unlike the chickens, I can pick them off straight away and kill them with a hard pinch of my fingers.  Chickens don't get away that easily.

Two hens treated for fleas.  You can see the row of fleas above the eye of the top hen. 
I offered to come over and treat the chickens at the farm and my offer was fortunately accepted.  I've been to visit the chickens today and noted that I could not see a single flea on any of them.  

I treated the hens and the roosters with a commonly used dog & cat flea treatment.  2 to 3 drops onto the skin on the back of the birds neck.  I got some photos of the hens on the day I treated them.  I also fell in love with one of the hens and I am very keen to take her home with me.  Stick fast fleas are an abomination.  They need to be treated promptly and regularly (every 2 - 4 months depending on their return frequency).  I treated about 25 chickens for a cost of just under $1 per bird.  

Again the hens with a dark circle over the top of their eyes - this is actually a line of fleas. 

This is my new obsess-hen.  She is gorgeous.  I'd love to take her home for a new life. 


  1. What was this commonly used dog and cat flea treatment you used. There are a number of them and I want the one that worked for you.

  2. Hi there, sorry for the late response, very late response actually. I have been using Frontline. It works brilliantly and so far I have seen no adverse effects to any of the chickens I have used it on.

  3. After the treatment how long before their eggs can be eaten saftly

  4. Please wait three full days after applying the treatment and do not consume the eggs laid during this time. For example if you treat the chickens on a Tuesday, do not eat the eggs produced on Wednesday through to Friday, inclusive. Then you're good to go again from Saturday. Feed the eggs to other animals eg. Dogs or hard boil, cool and mash the eggs and then feed the eggs back to the hens so the eggs do not go to waste. Thanks for reading.